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Biorepository & Correlative Laboratory

Biorepository & Correlative Laboratory

ACCRU provides a full range of services to manage the translational component of clinical research.

Our Biorepository & Correlative Laboratory:

  • Our centralized facility provides high-quality, cost effective and most efficient specimen processing and sample management available for any type of biospecimen;
  • Our trained laboratory staff consult with investigators and study teams to design study specific services to help manage all stages of translational research, including protocol development, specimen collection, aliquoting strategy, and storage as well as sample requirements for downstream analysis; and
  • Histological and related tissue-based services are also provided. Specimens are tracked with a research laboratory information management system as they are routed to storage or collaborative laboratories focused on gene expression, genotyping, next-generation sequencing, proteomics, and cytogenetics.

Looking for something else?This is a general list of ACCRU biospecimen and correlative laboratory services. If you have a specific question about a service that is missing from our list, please Contact Us.