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ACCRU Members

In its short history, ACCRU has built a network of more than 135 academic medical center and community practices, offering close to 500 treatment locations. Today our members work with more than 20 industry partners to develop clinical trials to advance cancer care. Our ability to collaborate with national and international research networks to develop large scale, multicenter, cancer clinical trials allows our members to bring new therapies to patients more quickly.

ACCRU consists of three kinds of members:

Members - Investigators


ACCRU investigators are world-class scientists whose ideas and research are changing the standard of patient care across the globe. If you aspire to join a community of like-minded investigators on the journey of innovation, you’ll appreciate the intellectual camaraderie, collaboration, and sense of common mission.

Members - Community Doctors

Community Doctors

What makes ACCRU unique is not only our innovative ideas but the collaboration among our members. The dynamic teamwork between our investigators and community oncologists benefits both patients and the advancement of science. ACCRU provides your patients access to state-of-the-art therapies while offering you the chance to work closely with today’s leading investigators in designing cancer treatment and symptom management trials.

Members - Industry Partners

Industry Partners

ACCRU’s full range of clinical trial development and management services enables our partners in pharmaceutical companies to accomplish their goals in developing new therapies for patients. The innovation of ACCRU’s investigators and ACCRU’s ability to enroll patients in community hospitals provides our partners a clear path forward for drug development. The resources of our partners enable our investigators to make progress in their research, and thus improve the lives of patients.

ACCRU Treatment Locations

ACCRU Treatment Locations

ACCRU has multiple, state of the art, treatment locations across the United States…

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Member Spotlight: Stephanie Noble

Keeping the Needs of the Patients at the Forefront of her Mind Stephanie Noble has spent over twenty years working in the Mayo Clinic community. In her position as a Research Protocol Specialist at ACCRU, she oversees scientific protocol development……

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ACCRU Transformative Research

Transformative Research

Stories of Innovation and Collaboration.

Each month ACCRU’s podcast explores the people and ideas of today’s leading translational research. Hear the stories behind the innovative ideas and listen to the unique journeys of our researchers.