Member Spotlight: Roxann M. Neumann

Member Spotlight:  Roxann M. Neumann

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Member Spotlight: Roxann M. Neumann

A Passion for Improving How Patient Care Is Delivered

Roxann Newmann has spent over forty years on a farm, where she loves to garden and create family meals using the vegetables she grows in her own garden.  She works in her dream position at ACCRU, where she is a Biospecimen Resource Manager. Roxann has a background in nursing, pathology, and working with sites and patient facing issues. Read more about Roxann’s personal and professional journey:

Member Spotlight:  Roxann M. Neumann
Roxann Neumann, RN, BSN, BS, Sr. Program Coordinator 
Biospecimen Resource Manager

After an 8-year hiatus, I returned to Mayo Clinic in 1988. I was active on the nursing floor and held various research support positions, was a Prostate SPORE nurse coordinator, a Project Manager for Clinical Trials, and spent 13 years as Senior Program Manager covering Alliance, ACCRU, Mayo IIT, and CPN. I have a background in Pathology, working with sites and patient facing issues. In September 2021, I semi-retired before accepting my dream position of working for ACCRU. It is exciting working with investigators on developing new concepts into working protocols.

Describe your sense of call or mission to become a Biospecimen Resource Manager.

This was a position that I developed over the years. I love being on the development side of protocols that will help patients now and into the future.

What is it that you are currently working on that energizes you most?

I love working with investigators in creating a study protocol that helps patients. I have the background to ask insightful questions on what the investigator will need to complete their correlative goal(s). I also like to work on feasibility budgets.

What do you see as promising trends in your field or specialty?

Getting critical information on biospecimen collections up front will reduce confusion and/or miscommunications during the protocol development, thus speeding up the process.

What do you love to do outside of your work?

The kitchen is my happy place. I love baking and cooking family meals, making pasta and trying and creating new recipes. Married for 44 years, my husband and I live on a farm, where I enjoy vegetable gardening and spending time with my grandchildren, watching them learn and grow. A voracious reader of all genres, my Kindle travels with me wherever I go.

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