Member Spotlight: Amy Koffarnus

Member Spotlight: Amy Koffarnus

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Member Spotlight: Amy Koffarnus

A Passion for Improving How Patient Care Is Delivered

Amy Koffarnus loves the Green Bay Packers and sturgeon spearing. A native Wisconsinite, she is the Research Administrator for the Cancer Research of Wisconsin and Northern Michigan Consortium, also known as CROWN Consortium. Amy started her professional career as a certified cytotechnologist before switching to clinical research. Read more about Amy’s personal and professional journey:
Member Spotlight: Amy Koffarnus
Amy Koffarnus, BS, CCRP
Research Administrator-CROWN Consortium
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital
Cancer Research Institute
835 South Van Buren St.
Green Bay, WI 54301

I was raised on a farm in a small town in northeast Wisconsin which taught me endless life lessons. After completing high school, I went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where I received my Bachelors of Science in Human Biology (with a minor in Biology and Human Development). Then it was to Marshfield where I completed a year of schooling to become a certified cytotechnologist. When I switched careers, I moved back to the area around Green Bay, WI to begin my clinical research career. Nearly 15 years later, I have learned a lot from firsthand experience. However, I can also say I’m continually learning new skills and gaining knowledge on how to improve clinical research and serve the CROWN Consortium.

Describe your sense of call or mission to become a RESEARCH ADMINISTRATOR.

In college, I discovered that I truly enjoyed learning about cellular processes and cancer. I discovered the field of cytotechnology and eventually became a certified cytotechnologist. As always, there are life changes and I was in a position where I needed to change my career. This led me to apply to a clinical research associate position at a local cancer center. I knew that I would be able to continue to work with cancer and improve treatment opportunities for members within my community. Over the years my responsibilities and job titles have evolved with my most recent position being the CROWN Consortium. I am passionate about supporting our sites and improving cancer care opportunities for our patients.

What is it that you are currently working on that energizes you most?

Creating efficiencies!

What do you see as promising trends in your field or specialty?

There have been many advances to oncology treatment during the time I have been part of clinical research. What excites me the most is continued discussions on improving how the care is delivered. For example, are there better ways to implement survivorship programs, how do we meet the financial needs of a patient, can a patient receive less treatment, but still have the same outcome, etc.?

What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

I am not a huge book reader, but do enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I am passionate about local food and sustainability and pretty much anything science related. A few of my favorite podcasts are Science Friday, How to Save a Planet, Science Vs, Mark Manson’s podcast and Beautiful Anonymous.

What do you love to do outside of your work?

Anything that involves spending time with my children and family. We love outdoor adventure and exploring nature. Gardening, cooking, volunteering for a local non-profit (The Farmory), running, sturgeon spearing and cheering on the Green Bay Packers are a few other favorite things.

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