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The ACCRU Mission

Our mission is simple:

We seek to transform the lives of patients by advancing the standard of patient care through innovative, translational research.

About Us - What’s Behind Our Name

What’s Behind Our Name

The acronym ACCRU stands for “Academic and Community Cancer Research United.” We are a cancer research network of clinicians and researchers from more than 135 leading academic medical centers and community oncology practices in the United States and internationally. We’re united by our common goal to prevent cancer, cure cancer, and attenuate cancer-related symptoms.

About Us - Partnerships

The Scope of Our Partnerships

ACCRU has developed relationships with partners in pharmaceutical companies that strengthen their position in the market. Relationships with industry funding sponsors include but are not limited to Bristol Myers Squibb, Celgene, Genentech, Seattle Genetics, Exact Science, Incyte, Five Prime, Janssen and Bayer.

In addition, we have relationships in place with international research networks such as International Cholangio-carcinoma Research Network (ICRN) and the Austria/Asian GI Trial Group (AGITG). There is a continually growing demand for the ability to conduct multi-site clinical trials with these groups. Our partners have enabled our members to open more than 65 phase II and III studies across many types of cancer.

About Us - Offices

Our Offices

Our home base is in Rochester, Minnesota, where we run our clinical trial operations out of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.

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The ACCRU mission is to transform the lives of patients by changing the standard of care. That happens only through innovation, and our members share that fundamental belief. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how we serve our members.

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At ACCRU, we aspire to deliver on our promises. We serve three kinds of members – investigators, community doctors, and industry sponsors. Here is what our members say about our work together to change the standard of patient care across the major disease groups.

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